Using Smartwatches as an Extension for Gaming

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    So I'm writing about a fictional gaming company for my research paper for school. 

    (Disclaimer for people who are looking to attend college: Although I am writing about a fictional gaming company, it is not a strictly about gaming. There is research involved and the paper I am writing is the business aspect of information technology and everything involved into managing a business, business processes, and informations systems. So please don't read this and think college is easy if I'm writing a paper about gaming. )

    I thought I'd share some points of my paper. I have some ideas about mobile gaming in it. 

    This is one of the paragraphs below:

    Antiope Gaming Studios is also looking to the future. With the technology for smartwatches, AGS will incorporate the use of a person’s smartwatch for gaming on  their mobile device. Smartwatches already function as an extension to one’s device to help with fitness and notifications, why not in games? The smartphone is being used as an extension to a game for consoles. AGS will use the smartwatches as an extension to one’s gaming experience on their devices.

    This is one of the statements of a reply to another student:

    I was thinking more so an extension for the game. In one game I was playing some years ago; it was a flower game and every so often you’d have to water the flowers. I was thinking with a game like that, it would be nice to just use the smartwatch to water the flowers or feed a pet with a tap of the screen on one’s smartwatch without picking up the phone. Another game I had played about a couple months ago was Nonstop Knight, basically the knight just runs around fighting without you having to do anything, but there are buttons you tap to use an attack type. This game can be run in the background and when you put the phone down, I am thinking you can use your watch to tap the attack buttons. Something along those lines is what I had in mind.
    I just started a Need for Speed game and a First Person Shooter (FPS) Zombie game and thought it would be kind of fun if you tap your watch screen (if you were fast enough) to get an extra (or double) nos boost in the racing game. Or in the FPS game you tap the screen for a “berserker mode” which will require some skill to tap the screen of the watch while playing a game.
    If you complete 5000 steps, then you can acquire a special item in a game that will benefit the player!

    So there is my idea on how smartwatches can be an extention of gaming

    More will be added as I go deeper into this research paper


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