Marshmallow Chicks




    Submitted by Gamerologizm on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 08:00
    Marshmallow Chicks


    Marshmallow Chicks are originally from the Candy Hatchery appl. The recipe is needed to complete the side goal from April 16, 2019 Hopping Mad Goals. But the Candy Hatchery is unavailable to players that don't have it.

    Storm8 has removed the Marshmallow Chicks from the Candy Hatchery to the Basic Oven.

    It is unknown whether Sotrm8 will return the Marshmallow Chicks to the Candy Hatchery after the goal. 

    All of Restaurant and Bakery Appliances and Recipes updated! 

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    -- Gamerologizm (aka Sehana)