CMs & Mods Needed

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    Submitted by Gamerologizm on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 11:30

    So I do need some good Content Editors and Moderators.

    Content Editors/Managers

    • Create/Add Content (Restaurant, Bakery, and Dragon)
    • Edit/Modify Content (Restaurant, Bakery, and Dragon)


    • Edit/Modify Content (Restaurant, Bakery, and Dragon)


    So what is needed to be done?

    • ADD Appliances to both Restaurant & Bakery. - Done
    • ADD Dragons and/or Animals (FForest)
    • ADD recipes to all the Appliances from both Restaurant & Bakery.
    • EDIT: add the parts to each Appliance


    Downloads to all the files/images - HERE





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